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Sustainability + Climate Action Plans
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Sustainable Built Environment:  EcoDensity and Ecodistricts Training


The Sacramento Valley Section of the American Planning Association California Chapter (APA) in partnership with:

Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP)

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

California Sierra Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS)

Urban Land Institute (ULI)

US Green Building Council – Sacramento (USGBC)

Sacramento, CA

In August 2009, Darin Dinsmore of Sustainable Community Strategies organized a workshop as Part of the California APA Speaker Series, Rethinking The Region: The California Challenge.  The workshop was geared toward Planning, Land Use, Design and Environmental Professionals and aimed to address the following questions: How do we compete for scarce resources to improve the region for future generations? How do we balance the competing priorities of environmental quality, economic vitality and social equity so that we create a better Sacramento Valley?

Sustainable City and Neighborhood design is a high priority for addressing climate change and quality of life.  While we have some success stories, recent new models may provide further inspiration for transforming our communities. Darin’s presentation and discussion focused on understanding and applying planning and sustainability innovations. Principles and practices for implementation were studied including the City of Vancouver Ecodensity model and the new Portland Eco-district concept. Leading examples were presented at city, community and neighborhood scales, and a lively discussion and debate ensued on the challenge of moving California communities to the next level of sustainability. Experts in California Planning, Law and Energy programs discussed the merits of these innovative ideas in the California context. Participants emerged from this presentation with valuable tools and strategies for facilitating sustainable and cost saving practices in their cities and communities, setting the green bar high and creating a sustainable legacy for future generations. 

"Darin and his SCS team bring a wealth of knowledge and creative ideas to help California move toward a more sustainable future." 

— Julia Lave Johnson,
Governors office of Planning and Research


The SCS team of professionals is helping to move communities to the next level of sustainability. Let us design your process, plan and implementation program.

  1. Darin Dinsmore, Principal of Sustainable Community Strategies
  2. Larry Rillera, Energy Consultant with the California Energy Commission
  3. Richard Taylor, Environmental Lawyer, - Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP
  4. Terry Watt, Advisor to the California Attorney General's Environment Section on climate change

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