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Regional Planning + Sustainability

Place-Based Blueprint, Public Outreach and Education

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Tahoe Communities, National Forest Service, State Parks

Lake Tahoe Basin
The Place-Based Planning process identified the values, vision, and interests of local communities in the regional planning process. As part of the Place-Based Planning phase of Pathway, the 20-year plan for Lake Tahoe, Basin communities got together during a series of workshops to discuss opportunities for new investment, reinvestment, and restoration. The workshops were instrumental in compiling community input on land use, transportation, water quality, healthy forests, restoration, and housing to help facilitate and inform regional policies and programs. The three step process looked at opportunities, alternative futures and actions for the urban areas around the basin and also for the surrounding public lands and waterways. More that 2,000 members of the public participated in this multiagency process. County and city planning directors helped to guide this process. Place-based vision plans were unanimously adopted and approved for four identified planning areas.

Managing and coordinating the process, team, agency staff and volunteers. RPP worked with RACESTUDIO to facilitate the process and to work with over 200 volunteers on advisory committees and a technical advisory committee of planners and scientists.


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