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Placemaking + Prosperity

Plans for Prosperity, Design Guidelines, Community Based Design

Town of Gardnerville + Town of Minden, Douglas County

Gardnerville, Nevada; Minden, Nevada
Prepared in partnership with the Plan for Prosperity Citizens Advisory Committee and RACESTUDIO, this plan was developed to focus reinvestment and to reconnect land use, transportation planning and economic development for a vibrant and vital community. The Sierra Business Council's National APA Daniel Burnham award-winning publication: Planning for Prosperity was used as a model.

The Plan for Prosperity was created through an extensive planning process that involved the community through workshops, study sessions and public hearings, and a citizens advisory committee. The two-part Plan provides a framework of community image/identity, land use and circulation concepts with supporting implementation activities. The Plan was effectively incorporated into the Douglas County Master Plan, local zoning and related capital improvements program.

FRAMEWORK PLAN This element of the plan analyzed and incorporated community values regarding the natural and traditional built features from the rural setting and historic town center. The Framework Plan provides policies and concepts for land use, community design and circulation, and shapes economic opportunities presented by regional growth.

ACTION PLAN This element of the plan provides an overall structure and protocol for the implementation of action items. It identifies phasing, public investment, and potential funding sources. It also identifies the role of the State of Nevada and private sector partners, while detailing how projects will be coordinated with the Town’s and County’s Capital Improvements Program (CIP).
Features included in the Plan for Prosperity:

- Main Street Redevelopment Strategy and Parking Management Plan
- Proposed municipal parking structure with liner buildings
- 3D drawings and designs for 3 major new mixed-use centers
- Highway Corridor Redesign including a “Road Diet”
- Open Space Preservation Plan
- Design Guidelines to help shape the quality and character of new development


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