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Placemaking + Prosperity

Capacity Building and Leadership Training, Strategic Economic Development

LiveWell Colorado and Weld County Department of Health and Environment

Weld County, CO

Designed for the public and regional decision-makers, including elected officials, planners, health and transportation officials, the Placemaking and Prosperity Workshops empowered communities to make comprehensive plans for investment that embody the public’s values and vision.  The custom-designed workshop was especially beneficial for building partnerships across jurisdictional boundaries.  Attendees developed prosperity principles that reflect the interrelated social, economic and environmental needs of their communities. These principals were then prioritized and now guide decision-making across sectors.  Current development issues faced by the city or region were discussed, along with pertinent examples of strategies that other cities and regions have used to guide development.  Attendees also learned about cutting edge community-benefiting redevelopment projects and sustainability programs. Through a series of hands-on design activities, participants gain experience with community redevelopment and reinvestment.  Cost effective green building and sustainable neighborhood design solutions may also be discussed.  Participants emerged with new skills and knowledge, and ready to prepare plans for more resilient communities, and build partnerships across jurisdictional boundaries.

“The workshop was spot on, just what we needed. Participants thought it was Excellent and delivered the tools we needed to build more resilient and high quality communities “

— Pam Smith, Weld County


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