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Regional Planning

Documentation and Analysis, Regional Blueprints, Complete Streets

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Lake Tahoe Basin

State Highways around Lake Tahoe were analyzed and measured to better understand existing conditions in multiple jurisdictions along the 90 miles of regional roads. The purpose of this analysis was to provide examples of existing streetscapes around the Lake Tahoe Basin through cross-section illustrations ultimately to inform the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Code of Ordinances and Regional Transportation Plan. These cross-sections depict the width of street and highway corridors from building to building, including, bike lanes, sidewalks. In creating more “Complete Streets” and Pedestrian and Transit-Oriented Development areas, it is necessary to create transitions from state highways to regional main streets.

Ten locations were selected primarily within community plan areas to summarize the physical relationship between transportation and land use and understand the current conditions that detract from the walkability of communities in the Basin.

This analysis helps to illustrate a variety of details including:

• Parking type and location
• Pedestrian orientation
• Pedestrian and cycling facilities
• Street enclosure
• Auto-oriented nature of the Basin

Some segments of existing traditional highways can be redesigned as main streets to demonstrate narrower, more pedestrian-friendly corridors that incorporate a variety of features to make them more walkable and allow for improved mobility choices. An important component in redesigning streetscapes is to create context sensitive solutions.



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