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Regional, City + Community Planning


Regional Transect Framework, New Performance-Based Form-Based Codes

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and local agency partners

Lake Tahoe Basin
A 20-year Regional Plan Code Update to improve the quality of the built environment and support updated Community Plans for redeveloping 9 mixed use centers. The focus includes a detailed review of existing height, density, FAR, parking regulations and the development and refinement of new form based code zones.

RPP is the lead consultant working with Opticos Design and Paul Crawford on a new regional Form-Based code update for Tahoe. This code involves a comprehensive update of existing regulations to help implement the vision of five counties and one incorporated City for more compact and walkable mixed-use communities around the Basin, the transition to surrounding residential neighborhoods, and the management of public lands and national forests. RPP developed a Tahoe-specific transect with 6 transect zones for managing both the natural and built environments.


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