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Regional Planning + Sustainability

Regional Transportation Plan, Regional Goals & Policies, Public Outreach and Education

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization

Lake Tahoe Basin
The Lake Tahoe Regional Transportation Plan addresses mobility options for the next generation. The Lake Tahoe Basin is served by limited transportation infrastructure with one state highway and five gateways. The transportation infrastructure must serve the existing 50,000 residents while meeting the demands of peak tourist weekends that may exceed 300,000 visitors. Strategies include: waterbourne transit, pedestrian and transit oriented re-development, pedestrian and bicycle friendly communities, intelligent transportation systems, improvements to mass transit service and convenience, inter and intra-regional transportation systems and improved parking management strategies. Key new innovative strategies were developed to improved waterbourne transit and to design complete streets within the existing community plan areas.

RPP led the public process and helped the agency craft a new plan that improves mobility options in the Tahoe Basin. The plan included a trends analysis, update of the goals and policies, strategies and actions and travel forecasts based on a tour-based traffic model. Key components of the project included a public participation plan and innovative walkability workshops around the Basin to inform PTOD policy.


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