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Planning + Sustainability Implementation

Accelerated Sustainability Action + SB375 Implementation


Green Business + Local, Regional, State and Federal Agencies




Regardless of whether you’re just getting started or already have a sustainability plan, this tool will help you identify the most cost-effective ways to implement your program.  Through our custom training you will learn how to develop your own sustainability framework and apply the SCS adaptive management tool through a 4 step process focusing on internal management, engaging the broader community/clients, strategies and goals and programs for action.  You will learn new techniques to assess current opportunities and learn from innovative case studies how to develop a plan of action tailored to your needs.

Learn about the benefits of using an integrated dashboard, a comprehensive sustainability implementation framework which includes:

- adaptive management tools
- collaboration tools
- tracking and monitoring system
- benchmarking program
- how to finance your local sustainability efforts

Learn how to design and facilitate a community-based process and identify community champions to build a strong foundation of grassroots support.  Compare institutional models and organizational structures for implementation.  This includes an exploratory discussion of governance options and innovations, and how to realign departments and budgets to reflect sustainability goals. Public-private partnerships and strategies for leveraging power brokers, decision-makers, and green businesses will be discussed. Review strategies and tools for tracking progress, showing positive return on investment, and assuring accountability. Clients will emerge with resources, knowledge of other communities, a peer group of professionals, and techniques to propel your community to the next level of sustainability.

The SCS adaptive management tool encourages cities and city regions to work together through a transparent public process to focus on improved sustainability and design. Our unique approach is perfect for benchmarking your community and assisting in focusing investment on places and infrastructure with global impact.



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