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Planning + Sustainability Implementation


Accelerated Sustainability Action + SB375 Implementation


Green Business + Local, Regional, State and Federal Agencies




Our SCS team has been working with UC Davis, the Environmental Research Center, the Environmental Improvement Plan partners, local jurisdictions, and federal and state agency partners to develop an integrated regional and local approach to climate and sustainability planning.  New state legislation, namely SB 375, requires regions to coordinate transportation and land use planning as a strategy for reducing their GHG emissions.  Federal ARRA stimulus funds also require jurisdictions to track on-the-ground results and benefits of their funded programs.  In response to these changing regulations, the need for increased regional collaboration, and our clients’ demands for a simple and holistic decision-support tool, we created the SCS Implementation Framework and Tracking System. 

The System includes a circumplex diagram that graphically illustrates your program elements, organized into built, natural, and social-economic environment categories.  It is a flexible, scalable, visual and easily comprehensible framework that is customized for each community, county, and region, based on your values, visions, and goals. 

Let us help you focus your investment of time, energy, and money on the best investments for reaching the tipping points that will move your jurisdiction toward sustainability.  The diagram serves as a multi-functional program action tool that:

  1. Helps you focus on your vision and goals
  2. Encourages you to think holistically and recognize that your sustainability program is an integrated system
  3. Serves as a scorecard that measures and tracks progress in each of your program elements over time
  4. Helps prioritize projects, programs, and implementation options 
  5. Can serve as a multi jurisdictional tool to improve coordination and collaboration on programs
  6. Can serve as a communications tool for engaging with the public, key stakeholders and partners 
  7. Allows you to compare and benchmark your jurisdiction’s program against other jurisdictions

The System and tools can be customized for city managers, sustainability managers, elected officials, funding agencies, and conflict resolution professionals. 



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