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Placemaking + Prosperity

Research, Documentation + Writing

Sierra Business Council + Multiple Foundations

Sierra Nevada, California
As the Director of Town Planning Services, Darin Dinsmore studied the patterns of 12 historic towns of the Sierra Nevada to learn from the best examples of walkable, mixed use communities. These communities serve as models for reinvestment and sustainable development. The document serves as a reference for Sierra Nevada communities aiming to accommodate new development while preserving the natural landscape and small town appeal. Through on-the-ground documentation, site visits, and historical research a variety of drawings were created and analyzed, including: figure ground drawings, historic land use maps, street and block plans, main street elevations, air photographs, and street sections. The Guide analyzes aspects such as street pattern, street width, land use, location of prominent civic buildings, etc. The historic patterns stand in stark contrast to rural sprawl, and offer guidance on how compact, walkable, mixed use, town-based development can be achieved.


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