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Sustainability + Climate Action Plans

Sustainable Visions, Sustainable Community Strategies, Climate Action Plans, Green Infrastructure, Carbon Emissions Inventories, Creation of Innovative Partnerships for Plan Implementation

City of South Lake Tahoe City Council and Staff

South Lake Tahoe, California

Sustainable Community Strategies helped the City of South Lake Tahoe create the framework for an Integrated Sustainability Vision by engaging the public. This project confirmed the sustainability vision, identified key issues and themes, and developed draft actions and strategies for implementation. The final outcome was a city-wide integrated sustainability plan and framework that actively informs redevelopment planning, the General Plan update and future community plan updates as well as a tool for decision-making and project prioritization.

Sustainability principles were raised throughout the Place-Based Planning and Regional Visioning processes. Initial Sustainably Designed Communities ideas were developed by community members who attended the regional vision workshops. New investment in the Basin’s communities should “set the green bar high” demonstrating the Region’s leadership in sustainable design. New investment identified in the vision would be designed to last and encourage a focus on environmentally-sensitive planning, including:

• Supporting Green transit (low and zero-emission transit);
• Focusing on a mix of land uses that support transit use;
• Emphasizing infill instead of Greenfield development;
• Using alternative energy sources and infrastructure investment for alternative energy vehicles;
• Incorporating “Cradle to cradle” design solutions and green building for new construction; and
• Planning for infrastructure that improves water and air quality.

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