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Our Sustainable Community Strategies team can help you create a vibrant and sustainable community while increasing livability and prosperity, reducing the footprint of residents and visitors, and improving quality of life. With our full range of specialties, both technical and strategic in nature, we are a one-stop shop for your sustainability planning needs. 

Our Clients Include:

  • County and Regional Government
  • Transportation Agencies
  • Communities, Cities, and Towns
  • Redevelopment Agencies
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Innovative and Leading Developers
  • Business, Community and Non-Profit Organizations

We offer six key services plus additional supporting technical assistance and strategy:

  • Sustainable Community Strategies (SCS)
  • Sustainable Visions
  • Green City Services
  • Sustainable Redevelopment Plans
  • GHG Emissions Inventories and Climate Action Plans
  • Mobility Strategies

1. Sustainable Community Strategies (SCS)

Sustainable Community StrategiesThe SCS team can lead you in developing plans to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change impacts, meeting the requirements of local, state, and/or federal legislation. Your completed Sustainable Community Strategy will help in making smart transportation and planning decisions, inform infrastructure investments, and become a framework for project prioritization.

Our team’s unique combination of strengths and capabilities in creating comprehensive Sustainable Community Strategies include:

  • Emission target setting
  • Land use and transportation system planning
  • Greenhouse gas emissions inventory and reduction strategies (link to GHG Emissions/CAP)
  • Affordable housing planning requirements and strategies
  • Public health and quality of life improvement strategies
  • Transit-oriented development and design (link to Mobility Strategies)
  • Knowledge of local, regional, and state policy-making bodies and processes
  • Project implementation and on-the-ground results
  • Measurement and tracking of investment and performance

Support services:

  • Complex project management and funding procurement
  • Identification and public sector investment strategies for sustainable economic development and green jobs
  • Development of local and regional sustainability indicators and monitoring programs

2. Sustainable Visions

Sustainable VisionsOur unique community-based approach to developing Sustainable Visions is built on best practices from national and international case studies. We specialize in engaging the public in a community-based process that is inclusive, interactive, and transparent.  Our most successful plans include actions for both the public sector and private sector by including all agencies, jurisdictions, stakeholders, residents, and businesses.  Our team will help you:

  • Build public support for your vision
  • Build capacity and inform the public and decision makers through training seminars
  • Conduct a sustainability assessment of your current policies and plans
  • Create a culture of sustainability
  • Create a sustainability framework that is simple, clear, holistic, and integrated

3. Green City Services

Green City servicesGreen City Services help transform cities into high quality, sustainable urban environments. We base our work on international best practices, including Vancouver’s Living First strategy, recently adopted Ecodensity charter, and the new Greenest City initiative. By learning from leading models, your city can reach your targets and become a leader in sustainability. We offer services to lead you through creation, planning, design, and implementation.

Process and Planning

  • Design a new or improve your existing Green City plan
  • Develop a comprehensive outreach and communications strategy for the public, stakeholders, and staff
  • Learn from Vancouver’s Ecodensity program and develop your own program for sustainability and improved quality of life
  • Identify priority actions to address climate change
  • Identify public sector investment strategies for sustainable economic development and green jobs

Design and Implementation

  • Implement programs to create successful pedestrian- and transit-oriented environments
  • Create public-private partnerships for high-quality urban environments and public amenities
  • Improve downtown living with family-friendly neighborhood design and guidelines
  • Benchmark your city against other leaders and track your progress

4. Sustainable Redevelopment Plans

Sustainable Redevelopment PlansAs collaboration is key to redevelopment planning, we will work with policymakers, staff, landowners, businesses, and leading stakeholders to help you create a framework for sustainability.  We can assist you in making smart infrastructure investments and efficient use of your existing services.  Your new sustainable redevelopment plan will be a decision support tool for your 5-year implementation plan and CIP.  Our team will:

  • Prepare a consolidated plan of investment opportunities in redevelopment
  • Prepare a sustainable reinvestment framework to assist with community priorities and decision making
  • Identify priority catalyst projects quickly that can inspire sustainable private sector investment
  • Create urban design plans, attractive streetscapes and architectural concepts to reinvigorate your downtown
  • Identify public sector investment strategies for sustainable economic development and green jobs

5. GHG Emissions Inventories and Climate Action Plans

GHG Emissions Inventories and Climate Action PlansWe work with multiple agencies, jurisdictions, stakeholders, and environment and business organizations to create comprehensive, sector-based regional and local climate action plans that incorporate best practices and science.  We also prepare cutting-edge strategies for climate change adaptation and mitigation, addressing impacts to ecosystems and the need for improved land use and transportation policies and actions. 

GHG Emissions:

  • Establish GHG emissions baseline
  • Collect and analyze existing information on emissions sources
  • Create a preliminary emissions map
  • Calculate and report emissions by sector
  • Analyze emissions information for policy implications and recommend reduction strategies
    Prepare a carbon footprint analysis
  • Prepare an ecological footprint analysis to help educate the public and decision makers

Climate Action Plans:

  • Establish land use planning direction
  • Establish GHG reduction target and implementation strategies
  • Develop funding strategy for implementation
  • Develop measures of success/reporting strategy
  • Develop an outreach/communications plan
  • Monitor implementation

Elements our plans typically include:

  • Alternative energy and energy efficiency programs
  • Complete communities and neighborhoods
  • Waste stream diversion and recycling
  • Water/waste water reduction
  • Mobility strategies for environmentally-friendly transportation options
  • Affordable and diverse housing types and tenures
  • Sustainable site design and green building programs
  • Healthy local food system

6. Mobility Strategies

Mobility StrategiesTransportation projects, programs, and policies represent one of the most significant ways to reduce environmental impacts of an established community.  Through the promotion of alternative transportation and smart development patterns, communities and regions can substantially reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and improve quality of life.  We offer a full spectrum of services to help you envision, plan, establish stakeholder buy-in, coordinate, and implement your Mobility Strategy.

  • Sustainability analysis of current transportation and mobility plans
  • Analysis of transit patterns and mobility needs
  • Development of Regional Transportation Blueprints
  • Integration of Land Use and Transportation Plans
  • Transit-oriented development planning and design
  • Intermodal facility concept plans
  • Design of alternative mobility/intermodal transportation options: Bicycle facilities and Trail Planning
  • Landscape Architecture and Streetscape Design
  • Parking management strategies and facility design
  • Public engagement through mobility strategy and walkability workshops
  • Facilitation of inter-agency planning and implementation

Additional Services:

  • GIS
  • Modeling and visual presentation of new mobility options
  • Creation of Main Street Programs
  • Development of business incentives to reduce VMT

Support Services

  • Project management and scoping
  • Grant writing and securing funding for new energy, economic development, and infrastructure stimulus programs
  • Sustainable economic development strategies
  • Sustainable tourism planning
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